Monday Music Memories – Dianne Body

Our featured independent artist this week is Dianne Body. This talented Canadian woman’s  knack is taking “Arms against a Sea of troubles,  And by opposing, end them…” and turning them into beautiful expressions of music and art. I’d like to encourage you to visit her page where you can listen to her soul and see her visual art.

Ms. Mac Thomáis, who is one of Hard Drive Promotions  promoters, wrote:

“An amazing and soulful recording artist who brings to the table of music enjoyment some 25 years of experience in the world of something far deeper than simple entertainment!

Dianne’s song “Movin’ On” came to me as a gift for healing and hope and has been received and wholly consumed by this grateful listener.”

If you like the following song, you can find more of her fantastic work.


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20 Responses to Monday Music Memories – Dianne Body

  1. It has a different sound. I liked the drummer.

  2. A wonderfully gifted and warm woman who is taking her music to a whole new level~ Thanks Curious~ 😉

    ps it’s Hard Drive Promotions

  3. kevinespencer says:

    Awesomely different!! It draws you in slowly, inexorably…until you are riding the music with her. I loved it!!!

  4. Thanks again for all your help Curious it’s been a lot of fun and from here on out we can climb mountains 🙂

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