More About Introverts…

Another Huff post about Introverts.


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8 Responses to More About Introverts…

  1. walt walker says:

    One of the better articles on the topic that I’ve read. Mainly because it describes me to a t.

  2. walt walker says:

    Freaks? Must have been one of those weirdo extroverts who said that. No, I feel very normal.

  3. Lady Cheetah says:

    The real freaks are those who cannot live without the attention. Dare I say what this world needs now more than ever are introverts.

  4. The Lite Rider says:

    Oh yes. That is me. And it’s normal to me to be that way. I’m sending the article link to a close friend of mine — who is an extrovert! I especially enjoyed the “doesn’t take on the mood of the room” – very true for me!

  5. Oh dear…I might be an extrovert, interestingly enough. You know, I’ve never texted?

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