Those Calamitous Times

Yes, this!

Petals Unfolding

                                                     Those calamitous times where
we know only how to paddle in order to keep
 our heads above tumultuous waters
… and nothing more beyond that …
Somehow the Ultimate Intelligence within us all
guides us safely to that Golden Shore
and in so doing,
bridges the Gap between Chaos and Calm.

The following link is about our favorite local deli and what happened during Winter Storm Knife. A snow plow unintentionally sent a wall of snow through all of this deli’s front windows. One of the deli’s surveillance cameras caught the action. My husband was at this deli today and the owner showed him that the snow came in so hard and fast it ended up at the back of the store damaging his coolers. I also want to point out, that IF the owner and his wife had gone downstairs to have their usual cup of coffee…

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  1. LadyPinkRose says:

    Oh, Suzie, the smile on my tired face is beaming. Bless you for this reblog!! I am so happy it spoke to you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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