Miracle Cake With Berry Coconut Cream – Gluten/ Grain/ Dairy/ Egg/ Sugar Free

It can be a real happy day when gluten free people find a great cake recipe.

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To me this cake is a minor miracle.  Just before my daughter’s 3rd birthday we found out she can’t have eggs or dairy.   Although it was amazing to find out the source of the problem, it also felt like a bit of a body blow.

With her upcoming birthday I busied myself trying to find the best recipes and tried with an egg replacer product to make her a birthday cake without gluten, dairy or eggs.  I tried. And failed.

But the amazing thing about children is that she didn’t care her cake was inedible or too rock solid to cut through, she was  thrilled to simply to blow her candles out and enjoy the icing – arguably the best part of any cake.

I however was a little mortified.  Recently we were invited to a dog birthday party.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The dogs, including our lovely…

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