Peace Begins

I love tux cats. And though cats can fight when needful, they prefer peace. Charlie seems to be in the zone. I love the peace I see in him.

Highway to 5th Heaven

LR edited (1 of 1)

Praying for Peace
is all well and good,
yet if Peace is not present
in our daily lives
Peace just will not BE …
for Peace begins
with you and with me.

Photography/ “Peace Begins” 2015©

Photograph of Charlie, 9-year male cat with FLUTD taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone and edited in PS/LR.

*Friends, I am keeping comments open with no promises to reply.  Hmmmm … seems as if I have said that before and I seem to always reply.  Well, perhaps not this time.   I am behind the scenes putting together a multi-photo post, a very special one, for your viewing pleasure.  This is time consuming.  Sooooooo, IF I don’t answer your comments, keep in mind I am a busy bee putting together Honey for you.  (smile)  I do however promise to read what you have written, for I adore your comments.  Deal?*

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  1. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Susan, thank you SO much for this reblog. I am so happy you enjoyed my post. Isn’t Charlie the cutest? It is obvious how Loved he is. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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