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Monday Music Memories – Dianne Body

Our featured independent artist this week is Dianne Body. This talented Canadian woman’s  knack is taking “Arms against a Sea of troubles,  And by opposing, end them…” and turning them into beautiful expressions of music and art. I’d like to encourage you to … Continue reading

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Monday Music Memories – Kaz Hawkins – Blues/Rock/Soul

Kaz hails from East Belfast, Ireland, and has been noticed by the mayor of Belfast. She is a different kind of music than we have seen in the other independent artists, and has a voice that will haunt you for a … Continue reading

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Monday Music Memories: Independent Artists – Ciaran Dorris

From Ciaran’s Promoter:  The very first time I heard Ciaran Dorris’ music I was taken to a place I’d felt was a nice dream but not the reality I knew! His song “Invitation” talked of a place where “the pain … Continue reading

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Music Memories Monday – Independent Artists, Lee Maddison

It’s fun walking down the roads less travelled by finding the independent artists. If you’ve ever composed music yourself, you may have had some sentiments like Jimmy Web who wrote, “song writing is hell on earth; if it isn’t then … Continue reading

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Music Memories Monday – Independent Artists

Not all great musicians record on well-known labels. There are many who find their way along the back roads, and more listeners are finding these fine performers. Today I would like to introduce Neil Mitchell. I have permission to post … Continue reading

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Music Memories Monday – Matthew (John Denver)

Let me say right up front that I am unabashed fan of John Denver. He was woven in the tapestry of my life during my college years and now, years after, I still find myself humming or singing some of his songs. Denver wrote this … Continue reading

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Music Memories Monday – Boz Scaggs [Kevin Guest Blogger]

Boz Scaggs Today at 70 years old, WIlliam Royce Scaggs lives in Napa Valley, California, raises grapes and produces his own well regarded wine.  He’s happy living among his vineyards.  But if you happen to visit his tasting room, and … Continue reading

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