The Curious Introvert

Welcome to my blog.

I have always been curious. About people, incidents, history and you name it. I’ve not been terribly curious about math, but I’m working on that. I like to write and read.

My cat’s name is George Bailey – we brought him in from our feral colony during Christmas 2011. I needed him, and he needed me. George is cordial to nearly everyone, but he definitely owns me. He is a marmalade tabby, and the sweetest cat I’ve ever been owned by.

I have an elderly granddog (Teddy) who keeps my life interesting. He is Shih Tzu with a drop of poodle. He follows me around all day.

My three children are grown and have families of their own though they continue to show deep appreciation and tender loving care to me and their dad to whom I will have been married almost 35 years. Some days it seems longer, but I dare say you won’t find that curious.

My husband has undiagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome, which makes life “interesting” more often than I like most days. I always knew he was different from other guys I dated, but I had no idea just how different until we’d been married for some time. Asperger’s Syndrome had not even been named when we were born. His mother knew nothing about it, but she spent the first four years of his schooling re-teaching what the teacher had taught during the day. He sees life in a very different way from what I do; it is a daily adventure. At the least.

Please feel free to respond to the posts I put up. I’d love to hear from you and about you because, well, I am curious. And, I am an introvert, but that has never kept me from enjoying people. The genius of a blog is that when I need to recharge, I can just turn off the computer.


33 Responses to The Curious Introvert

  1. sandypics says:

    hey susan,i like curious introverts..cause am one of them too:)looking forward to being around your blog..cheers

  2. Zee says:

    Congratulations! I have nominated you as a Super Sweet Blogger. You can see the nomination, and details about this ‘award’ here:

    Zee 🙂

  3. White Pearl says:

    Well you sound so fun ! You know curiosity is a thing that makes already boring life exciting ! Loved reading about you and your cat 🙂 Looking forward to hear more from you 🙂 xx

  4. Miss Lou says:

    Hi susan!! I just tried to comment on your Georgie post though comments were closed!

    Gorgeous puscat – who appears to have recovered well! Great pictures! lol

    Sorry I haven’t visited so much lately – I’ve been exceptionally busy (and a bit lazy really)

    Miss Lou

  5. Miss Lou says:

    P.s That introvert TED talk is amazing!!

  6. This is an awesome bio! I love reading bios, you know.

  7. Susan P says:

    Maybe you just overlooked it. I wrote it last year in September, I believe.

  8. Susan P says:

    Probably because you were running away from Amelia.

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